Crytek Plans Indie Game Dev Friendly CryEngine Licensing

Been a while since I posted anything on the gaming front.  I guess I have some time on my hands to pull back a little from the security and IT focus.  All work and no play…

According to Shack News, Crytek is planning a low-cost version of its CryEngine, likened to Epic’s Unreal Development Kit.  The business model is expected to be “extremely user-friendly”, lowering the barriers for entry, and perhaps even free 8).  Details are not completely hammered out, but I like what I’m hearing here.  This is a powerful engine, and I would love to get my mittens on it for a couple of concepts that I’ve been rolling around for a number of years with my limited little 3D Game Studio scripting engine.

Epic Games’ Unreal Development Kit is a standalone version of the popular Unreal Engine 3, which is free for non-commercial and educational use.  It’s also used by indie developers for commercial titles, as developers can start work without paying hefty licensing fees up front.  Instead, they accept to pay a 25% royalty rate on sales past the first $50,000.  Eye candy laden mech combat FPS Hawken is one commercial UDK project.

Time to revisit the UDK project page, and add Crytek to my engine monitoring list!  Woohoo!  I can’t wait to get one of these engines up and working.