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3 thoughts on “Games

  1. I recieved BUIsoft’s FarCry-2 last wek for my birthday. (Love ya K.) First impressions, fantastic game. I spent many days and nights totally immersed in the action. I got in trouble once when the wife found me playing at 2am, and had to slink upstairs right in the midle of a great shoot out.

    What’s so great about FarCry-2?
    10 Very nice immersive graphics.
    9 Well done physics model, accurately depicts motion.
    8 Realistic kinetics. Shoot through foliage, the foliage visibly disintegrates.
    7 Pretty good AI overall.
    6 Very large map with lots of varied terrain and locations.
    5 An interesting plot and main driver (malaria).
    4 Tons of weapons and upgrades.
    3 Unique diamond based monetary system.
    2 Plenty of side missions.
    1 Splendidly simple editor for rolling your own maps!

    All together, these positives form a great and replayable game. You can select a carachter (I’ve only played 1 so far) and have a different experience. There are also the classic difficulty levels. I am about to start a campaign at a higher difficulty setting, now that I know what I am doing!

    So, there must be quibbles? Yep.
    10 The credits at the end NEVER seem to stop! Ugh. Ego?
    9 The “prison escape” level seemed unfinished, and suffered from invisible blocks and clipping problems in some areas.
    8 I did not see a practice range to familiarize with the weapons. Practice is really necessary to understand and use the mortar properly.
    7 Map layout and geography was too constraining. Always a barrier in the way from A to B…
    6 AI soldiers were often looking in the other dierction, firing, and somehow hitting me. Their scripting needs just a little tweaking to face the target first before shooting. That was particularly annoying as I like to play like I was trained, scope the field and secure the perimeter before engaging.
    5 Some diamond brief cases were set on inaccessible positions. Like ledges that you can’t get to without hang gliding. That takes a LOT of practice. Don’t care for puzzles like that, but that is just me.
    4 Several times the mouse lost orientation, pointed skyward and just started spinning. Only 3 or 4 times, none crucial, but could spoil a god fight.
    3 I left the game settings to the default set by the system calibration, and found that there were a couple of points where level loading was detectable, but considering the map size, minor detail really.
    2 There is no AI or BOTS available in the editor. This is a REAL shortcoming. A level can’t be well tested, nor can it be enjoyed in a single player mode. If I am going to upload a level that I created to be played by the general public, I want to test the hell out of it first, and would enjoy playing BOTS alone and online. Tsk tsk UBI.
    1 That damn malaria. I know it was put in as a critical driver to ensure that you don’t just go off on a Rambo Rampage, and return to get missions, but come on, at some point, cure me so I don’t lose consciousness in the middle of a gunfight with 20 armed mercenaries!!

    On a scale of 1 to 10 , I give this game an 8.
    For replayability, it scores a 7 (BOTS would bring it up to 10)
    Fun factor scores an 8.
    Expandability scores an 8. (BOTS would bring it up to 10)

    I recommend buying this game, but be warned. It is violent, has a LOT of colorful dialogue, and is not for the meek. GET SOME!

  2. Hey Mark,
    You need to update the games section more. Since people like me are more interested in this. Try a MW3 review when its out… or maybe Battlefield 3.

    Btw I am an ex-co-worker of yours. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yeah, I suppose you are right. That section has been neglected. Now that my day job isn’t getting in the way, I might just have to install those 5 old games that I picked up at the CNE in September for $20. I will also have to buy a new video card, since mine up and died, leaving me stranded with built-in video and one monitor. YUCK! How do people work like this? Of course, the games I bought were all built for XP, so challenges will be expected. God bless VMware.
      I have:
      – Blacksite Area 51,
      – Space Siege,
      – Vietnam Attack Pack (Wings Over & Elite Warrior in Vietnam)
      – Code of Honor (1 & 2)
      – The Saboteur

      I have one week’s grace before that dreaded “honey-dew” list comes out. My wife has already warned me, it will be a long one if I don’t shake my tail feathers and get back to work.

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