Where You At?

Some folks have noticed that the old curmudgeon that used to update this blog hasn’t been around much and has kind of left this blog alone for a while. Well, MadMark’s back, and you can expect to see more content here again starting in 2013. I may not be as prolific, but I will try and post at least something interesting each month.

I started a new job back in March, and it really has been dominating my time. When creating a brand new department, it is imperative to focus on defining the many tasks that need to be fleshed out; creating strategy, governance, services, processes, and of course staffing appropriately.

So the second year is all about building it out according to plan. I expect that the build will actually take more time, but less focus, as I have good people to rely on, above, under, and around me who can help.

I fall back to one of my favorite movie quotes: “What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger. Pissed off, but stronger.” Well, maybe that’s not an exact quote. I am now glad that I have had the painful experience of having done this exercise before, and know much of what to expect.

Happy holidays to all, and see you in 2013. You can find me in person at the Toronto Area Security Klatch (TASK) meetings, or at Federation of Security Professionals events.