Protect Your Banking Session

If you use your computer for online banking, you should seriously consider grabbing the free Rapport product from Trusteer.  Trusteer has partnered with just about 100 financial institutions, as well as PayPal and eBay, to bring you a special tool that ensures your transactions are confidential and correct.  Rapport is a specialized security product for Windows and Mac targeting financial malware.  It is not a “conventional” anti-virus product, it works alongside your A/V, securing the communications between the user and Rapport-protected web sites, defeating keyloggers and other common banking malware.

If you haven’t received an invitation from your bank to download and install Rapport, expect one soon.  Ensure that you download it from a REAL bank, or from Trusteer’s website.  Also, it’s a good idea to install it on a clean computer.  I would back-up my data files and install my operating system, patches, and security tools fresh, if I wanted to be certain that my system was protected from malware.  Several Canadian banks have already adopted Rapport, and links to the end-user installs are present on their web sites.  Fraud costs banks A LOT of money, and those costs are passed to their customers, in part through fees and service charges.  If your bank doesn’t have this or a similar product in place, you might want to ask them why.

The secure browsing software solution works in the background and doesn’t require changes in user behavior.  Online banking and use of the internet can continue as usual.  Rapport only pop’s up to provide alerts when potential threats are detected, and is otherwise transparent.  Rapport combats malware with 2 layers of defense.  One layer attempts to prevent banking malware from infecting the computer.  It works outside of the browser and looks for typical malware installer behavior.  Since many of these banking malware agents are built from a small number of special kits, they will exhibit common characteristics, code-base, and behaviros.  It is not impossible to by-pass this layer of protection, so the second layer backs it up.

The second layer of defense assumes that the system IS already infected, and protects the communications between the user and the bank from the malware’s interception and manipulation attempts from inside the browser.  It will block the behaviors typical of financial malware, for example, feeding junk characters to a keylogger, interfering with screen captures, and avoiding password capture.  All data in the Rapport monitored session is encrypted, from the keyboard to the bank.  Rapport also ensures that the address of the bank is correct as well, to protect against spoofing and phishing attacks.  If you type your bank username into a site other than your bank’s site, you will be warned.

I have had Rapport installed on several systems, have never had a problem with it, and I have used it with a variety of operating systesm, browsers, and security products.  No conflicts, no errors, no problems.  This is a FREE product (that your bank is subsidizing).  Get it, use it, love it, forget it.  Until it saves your butt!

Participating Canadian Banks:

A complete list of banks worldwide using this technology is available here: