WebSense 2010 Threat Report

WebSense has published its 2010 Threat Report.  I have only just started reading the report, but the page that it is posted on provides these highlighted findings, affirming that while broad threats continue, focused, targeted attacks are on the rise:

  • 111.4% increase in the number of malicious websites from 2009 to 2010
  • 79.9% of websites with malicious code were compromised legitimate sites
  • 34% of malicious Web/HTTP attacks included data-stealing code
  • 52% of data-stealing attacks were conducted over the Web
  • 89.9% of all unwanted emails during this period contained links to spam sites and/or malicious websites
  • The US and China continued to be the top 2 countries hosting crimeware and receiving stolen data during 2010
  • The Netherlands has found its way into the top 5 countries hosting crimeware and receiving stolen data
  • Searching for breaking news represented a higher risk (22.4%) than searching for objectionable content (21.8%)
  • 23% of real-time search results on entertainment lead to a malicious link
  • 40% of all Facebook status updates have links and 10% of those links are either spam or malicious

The Websense report also analyzes recent headline-grabbing attacks such as Aurora, Stuxnet, and Zeus, and others for malicious and data stealing code.  Also featured are statistics on the top five hosts of data-stealing code, a deep analysis of social Web content and threats, and an in-depth link analysis of top social networks.

Get the full report from here!