Tradewars Rising on Facebook

Got Facebook and some time to kill? Want to take a stroll with me back to the 70s and 80s?


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Remember the days of yore when there was hardly an IP packet transmitting around the Internet? Do you recall a thing called a modem, and the communities of geeks and nerds that frequented Bulletin Board Systems at all hours? If you do, then you are going to love this!!! I used to host the Blue Moon BBS out of Brampton, Canada. I had a registered copy of Tradewars 2002, and had about 100 – 200 regular players. I recently got in touch with the author of that old and wonderful game…

Turns out Sylien Games has brought the old Tradewars BBS game to Facebook. Now, this is not the same ascii and ansi graphics presentation (which I personally enjoyed), it has all been reworked and built from the ground up! If you prefer to play outside of Facebook, check out the Sylien website. They host free and premium games, just like the old days. Look for me. I’ll be the noobish looking fella in the shiny new escape pod…

Our purpose is to increase how much fun players are having in the game. A big way to do this is to increase the amount of people playing, so what we’ve done lately is to create the Tradewars® Rising Facebook application. Using this tool, you can easily invite a lot more people to the games you are playing, hence more fun!

Since this is a new application, it may still have a few odd bugs in it, so were asking any able player out there to check for odd behavior and report them to us by e-mail. For now, we’re considering it BETA.

First thing to do is INSTALL THE APPLICATION. It takes only a minute.

Then, send us an e-mail at after you have done the following:
• Played a the game a while within Facebook
• Published a promotion or a player kill to your Friends walls
• Invited some Friends to install the application
Giving us feedback on all three points will help us improve on the application. In return for the feedback, well give you 30 days Premium time (or extension).

The more players we have in games, the more fun they will be! So lets all use this new tool!
Next step for us will be to fix a few bugs that our wonderful community discovered over the last while, so stay tuned for bug and feature fix updates.

Often we leave hints and other more up to date news directly on the Tradewars® Rising website, so visit it often to stay up to date.
To keep well informed, you may want to follow us on Twitter.

Play, have fun, and be creative, always!

The Sylien Team 


See you out there. . .