Of Skimmers & Scumbags

A skimming device came off in the hands of a Bank of America customer when she tried to use her debit card at an ATM recently, police said.  The man who had planted the credential stealing device appeared and asked for it back.  The woman refused to return the card and growled at the man who fled.

Sixth Precinct police are seeking two male suspects in connection with the  incident. The first is about 40, stands 5 feet 10 inches tall, and weighs 170  pounds. The second male is about 30, stands 5 feet 8 inches tall, and weighs 160  pounds, police said.

The two suspects face felony forgery charges and up to 15 years in  prison.  I wouldn’t advise anyone to do this, but that 23 year old woman sure has moxxy.  I hope the bank rewards her for her valiant stance.  DNAinfo

The reason that I don’t advise people to take this kind of action?  Read the article just published in The Compliance Exchange blog about Aaron Hand, already convicted in a $100 million mortgage-fraud scheme and serving a sentence of eight years and four months to 25 years.  He was sentenced to 8 – 16 more for plotting to have a key witness in his case killed.

Please remember that these guys mean business, and that there is more than just your current balance at stake.  These guys are all in it for the big money payoff.  If you find yourself involved in a confrontation or an investigation, a little paranoia is healthy, and caution is not cowardice, in my humble opinion.

Swipe Your Own Card!

Here is an excellent video for inclusion in my Security Awareness materials list.

You want to see how fast and easy it is to have your credit or debit card pwn3d? (stolen)  Check out this Fox news story.

The gas stations attendant swipes the card twice, right in front of the victim, and he never even notices.  Think about it.  Swipe your own card, and shield that PIN pad from view of others, and cameras.  Of course, if the PIN pad is rigged with a modern skimmer, you’re fubar anyway since it records the PIN as well as the magstripe data, but ’ems the breaks…

3 Charged in ATM Skimming Scheme

Score one for the GOOD-GUYS! Three men have been charged in connection with an ATM skimming scheme resulting in the theft of more than US $137,000 from Massachusetts banks over a six week period.

The skimmers were affixed to ATMs Bank of America and Citizens Bank harvesting data from cards’ magnetic strips and hidden cameras were used to capture personal identification numbers. Ivaylo Hristov, Anton Venkov and Vladislav Vladev have been charged with bank fraud, aggravated identity theft and using counterfeit ATM cards. Hristov and Vladev were also charged with possession of device-making equipment. They each face up to 57 years in prison and US $1.25 million fines. Venkov faces up to 42 years in prison and a US $1.25 million fine. Throw the book at them, they are a blight on humanity!!

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