-=[FREE]=- IPv6 Configuration Guide

The Argentina Chapter of the Internet Society, in conjunction with the “6DEPLOY Project”, recently released an excellent FREE book in PDF form called IPv6 For All: A Guide for IPv6 Usage and Application in Different Environments.


The book offers guidance on how to setup and get started with IPv6 for:

  • End Users
  • Residential Networks and Home Offices
  • Basic Internet services
  • Enterprise Networks
  • Academic and Research Environments
  • Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

It covers step by step setup for several versions of Windows including Win7, Mac OSx, Linux and BSD, as well as guidance in determining what internal and boundary network resources will need to be reconfigured, and how to manage specific IPv6 Services.  Good job, guys.

World IPv6 Day, Adoption Tracking

Yesterday was “World IPv6 Day”, and many ISPs and large organizations participated in testing the new IP communications protocol around the world.  Computerworld reports that Arbor Networks, which provided network monitoring support for the test, observed a sharp rise in HTTP traffic as more than 400 Web sites including Google, Facebook and Yahoo began supporting IPv6 in production mode as part of the ongoing experiment.  IPv6 traffic continues to steadily increase.  No major outages or security breaches were reported at the 400-plus corporate, government and university websites participating in the trial.

IPv6 is an upgrade to the Internet’s main communications protocol, featuring an expanded addressing scheme to alleviate the looming IPv4 address shortfall, while also enabling better security and reliability.  World IPv6 Day is a 24-hour trial of the new Internet standard that is being sponsored by the Internet Society.

Dragon Research Group has provided some high level stats around adoption by visitors to their site over the past year, and a handy-dandy IPv6 Test page.   According to DRG, the top 10 countries by the routed origin of the covering IPv6 prefix for those sources since 2010 accessing dragonresearchgroup.org were:

country code% of total IPv6 visitors
US 60%
JP 7%
CN 5%
NL 4%
GB 4%
FR 3%
BR 3%
DE 2%
CH 1%
AU 1%

Mark Richard Prior has an interesting scorecard up on his blog, indicating the successes, challenges and evolution of the testing and adoption of IPv6.  If you are interested, these are all definitely sites worth visiting.  Kudos and thanks, Mark and DRG, for showing the initiative to start gathering this intell, and for having the moxy to keep it updated.

The scorecard identifies 5 key services and uses them as an indicator of usage.

  1. Web server accessible via IPv6;
  2. Email deliverable via IPv6;
  3. DNS name servers accessible via IPv6;
  4. An NTP service accessible via IPv6; and
  5. A Jabber service accessible via IPv6

The list should update weekly and suggestions for additions are welcome.  There is also a CGI script to test a domain that is not already in the list available at the bottom of the page.