Secure Job Search Tips

I have found myself between successes, and have had a little time on my hands.  I am attending courses and networking events sponsored by an international human resources consulting firm to prepare for my return to work.

As I go through their material and interact with others, it strikes me how little information is available for job seekers about the risks and mitigations to consider as one hunts for that next position.  The Better Business Bureau says that the biggest scams in 2016 involved fake employment recruiting.  As part of one of the scam, callers “hire” people over the phone or online, and ask them for banking information so they can get paid. Instead, they get robbed.  Others involve money mule scams, and information gathering for identity theft and future employer compromise.

I recently created and shared a presentation regarding some considerations and practices that can be adopted to limit the job seeker’s exposure using information found online.  I am posting it here so that others may be aware.

Job Search Security Tips