Foxconn Hacked

As if it wasn’t toxic enough out there, it looks like we have another group of hackers playing their little games on the Internet.  They claim that they are only in it for the thrill of destroying networks and impacting businesses.  Their claim to fame target?  Foxconn, the Asian firm that is under the microsocope after a NY Times article exposing dismal working conditions and recent deaths of employees.

The Swagg Security group has released information on both Foxconn and its clients, which include Microsoft and Apple, stolen during an attack on the company, through Pastebin and Pirate Bay posts.

“Now as a first impression Swagg Security would rather not deceive the public of our intentions.  Although we are considerably disappointed of the conditions of Foxconn, we are not hacking a corporation for such a reason and although we are slightly interested in the existence of an iPhone 5, we are not hacking for this reason.  We hack for the cyberspace who share a few common viewpoints and philosophies. We enjoy exposing governments and corporations, but the more prominent reason, is the hilarity that ensues when compromising and destroying an infrastructure”.

The information released contains contact details of a number of Foxconn’s global sales managers, usernames, IP addresses, credentials, and a list of clients’ purchases.