The Anonymous ‘Movement’?

I’ve been reading way too much of this garbage on the Internet lately, and it is starting to stick in my craw.  Crap like this.  It seems that everyone has accepted that the hacking group Anonymous is above the law, and has some special insight that makes them a voice of reason.  21st century Robin Hoods.  I hope that this is just the result of sensational journalism, and not what people are really believing.

“The beginning years have intensified their activities demonstrating great technical skills.”

No, what it has demonstrated is a disregard for your privacy, a lack of moral fiber, a little too much technical knowledge, and the patience that is common in a good criminal.

“As always, the movement gives voice to social dissent and protest against amendments and decisions of governments guilty of not listening to the masses.”

The Movement?  What bloody movement?  This is a bunch of self-entitled, self-indulgent, egotistical miscreants that are incapable of operating within the confines of the law or rules of society.  These are people that have an abundance of tools, have found cracks in programs and protocols, and are taking advantage of those flaws.  They are no more a movement than the clowns that walk into a bank with a note in one hand and a formiddable looking pocket in the other.

I personally would not put my stock in thieves and tyrants, given the choice.  Sure, the business world is full of sharks.  Many have poor ethics, use one-sided tactics, and engage in questionable activities.  However, preaching a better game while using the same or worse underhanded mechanisms doesn’t buy a lot of stock with me.

“Some form of protest are for sure illegal but we must consider that they are espression of dissent shared between large communities.”

What Anonymous is doing is NOT an expression of dissent.  It is quite simply a spree of illegal attacks to make money, gain notoriety, and take advantage of a broken system and a naive public.  The ‘do-gooder’ activities are simply distractions from the real operations.  Make some noise so that the sheeple don’t look where the crimes are taking place.

The demonstration is inside the number behind each attacks, this guys are not alone, they have a lot of common people behind.

Just because a lot of people misunderstand something does not make it right.  Especially when the poorly informed, sensationalists, and paranoids are providing them their daily dose of ‘news’.

The main events of protest in the history were always characterized by elements of illegality due their connotation of opposing the governments in question.

Uh, yeah.  Of course, those who stood for a cause STOOD for a cause, out in the light, and didn’t need to operate from the shadows.  Man I miss the good old days when you gathered support by publicly stating your case.  Now, you just hack into a computer system and produce “evidence” of misdeeds.  Jack Public won’t question whether the evidence is real or tainted.  After all, our heroes and daieties, Anonymous, who must be trusted without question, have done us all a favor and brought these injustices to light (while making off with credit card and identity information on a couple hundred thousand innocent employees…).

From legislative perspective we must distinguish hacktivist from cyber criminal.

We already have.  They are the same thing.  CRIMINALS.  They both employ illegal and unethical means to attain their own ends, and do so in their own selfish interests.

Although the damage of the shares are to be considered in high regard, there are countless methods of judgment about the actions of Anonymous and similar. We must consider the reasons on genesis of the this type of movements, otherwise we will not have framed what I consider a historical phenomenon.

You sir, are either seriously misguided, gullible to the extreme, or <insert insult of choice here>.  Give your head a shake, we can all stand the noise.  The ends do not always justify the means, bucko.  The historical event will take place when all of these criminals have been rounded up, given a fair trial, and those responsible, thrown into jail.  The historical phenomenon that NEEDS to take place is the replacement of the current communication protocols with protocols that have been built with security at their roots.  My 2¢…