Six Major Identity & Privacy Trends To Watch

According to Gartner, six major trends will drive identity and access management (IAM) and privacy in 2012.  Businesses will need to increase their focus on projects in that space that can achieve quick value and deliver real benefits to the business.

Organizational boundaries continue to erode due to M&A’s, converging environments, and outsourcing complexities, and IT’s control continues to weaken as mobile devices and cloud services proliferate.  Identity management is becoming more important than ever.

Six IAM Trends:

  • Tactical identity: The scope and budgets for identity management projects will remain constrained.  A major cause of failure for these projects has been an overly broad scope combined with a lack of focus on business value.
  • Identity assurance: Demands for stronger authentication and more mature practices will intensify.  Organizations need to know who they are trusting, why, and for what.
  • Authorization: Authorization requirements will grow more complex and urgent in response to regulatory pressure and more complex IT and business environments. the real magic of IAM lies in authorising access and in the creation of logs used to hold people accountable for their actions. Authorization and enforcement of access control policies is less mature than other processes in many organizations.
  • The identity bridge: Identity management must span the chasm between organizations. A new architectural component will be needed to manage identity information flows between cooperating companies.
  • The sea of ID tokens: Identity information frequently has to be adapted by each domain that receives it, and pass it to downstream domains. Identity information is transmitted via tokens.  These tokens may be carried in protocol headers or in protocol payloads.
  • Policy battles: Concerns over identity theft and privacy are alarming the public, and having a serious impact on operations.  The business community, privacy lobby, law enforcement and national security communities will continue to wrangle over laws and regulations continuing to drive changes in the identity infrastructure.

As usual, gartner is right on the money.  Read the entire article to get the deatils.