Samsung RIM Deal?

Rumor mill is churning wildly with speculation Research In Motion will be bought by Korean based Samsung, as RIM stock took a 5% JUMP.  Yes, a jump, upwards movement, positive trend…

It’s been a long hard row for RIM to hoe this past year.  A takeover of any PDA company is complex and risky.  Consumer preference is fickle, and tends to drop off in ways that influence relationships with mobile software developers, impacting the overall value of the business, as RIM has witnessed with third-party application developers desserting the platform.

RIM has always provided secure services to business users and governments, however the rapidly changing nature of the smartphone space complicates any potential deal.  RIM is a strong example of Canadian innovation, and the federal government could use the Investment Canada Act to block a foreign takeover.  It wouldn’t be the first time that Canada used the act to protect its major interests.

Many of RIM’s key clients would be skeptical of any deal that saw RIM become part of a company based in Asia.  I would personally toss mine out, as it would no longer be anymore attractive to me than the myriad other Asian platforms out there.  The integrity that I rely on, that Canadian securtiy content that drives me to continue using the Blackberry, would cease to exist.  The Asian market is too “open” to influence and subterfuge.  That’s my opinion, based on observation and experience.  There is simply too much espionage and unsavory traffic in that region for me to accept Samsung’s ability or interest in maintaining the devices’ security and privacy.

I dearly hope that RIM is not sold to a foreign company.  Any foreign company.  I do hope that RIM finds its legs again, innovates the hell out of the mobile platform market as they did in those early days, and finds itself right back in the saddle again, producing a reliable, respected and essential tool for those of us that require security in our communications.