Advice On Healthcare Breach Avoidance

Interesting and fairly good recorded interview on HealhCareInfoSecurity blog from the perspective of a lawyer who has been involved in many a breach invetigation.  Listen to hear attorney David Szabo’s top three tips for breach prevention and detection.  Be aware of and learn from other organizations’ mistakes.

“There’s a huge risk area around laptops and other portable devices that carry a lot of data.  Organizations, even when it’s not legally required, need to be looking at, say, encryption of all laptops that leave a facility with protected health information or personal information.  Organizations also should re-assess exactly what kind of information should and should not leave the premises on mobile devices”, Szabo says. “That’s another factor of risk.”

In this exclusive interview, Szabo discusses:

  • The three most important steps to take now to prevent and detect breaches;
  • What healthcare organizations can do now to prepare for the final version of the HIPAA breach notification rule;
  • The most important steps healthcare organizations can take to prepare for this year’s HIPAA compliance audits.

I enjoyed the interview, thought you might too.