Israeli SCADA System Login Details Posted

Weak LinkInfoWorld reports that the hacktivists “Anonymous” have published a list of Internet-facing Israeli SCADA systems and log-in details.  Anonymous is currently engaged in an effort to hack Israeli websites as part of a campaign called Operation Free Palestine.  The information was posted on Pastebin with the message: “Who wanna have some fun with israeli scada systems?”

The pastebin post contains a list of IPs said to correspond to Web administration interfaces for monitoring automated equipment in industrial facilities.  Most of the URLs in the original post are no longer accessible, however, the hacker has since released a second list which contains newly found Israeli SCADA systems.

The original Pastebin post also contains a list of email addresses and passwords belonging to people from the Israeli Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Health, and the Israel Defense Forces.  It’s not clear if those also serve as log-in details for the listed SCADA systems.