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Interesting discussion over at TechCrunch regarding potential employer response (or lack thereof) to hiring candidate submissions.  (Please, prospective employers, don’t get your knickers in a bunch, I’m not complaining, really I’m not.  Everybody updates ME.)  Most of this diatribe is based on the article, but I recommend reading and posting your own comments at TechCrunch.

There are plenty of job search engines, recruitment vehicles and so on out there on the Web.  If you’ve ever been on the job hunt, you know how frustrating and time consuming it is to manage the job hunt process.   </Start Griping>  You spend hours filling out forms and fields, manually recreating your resume in yet another database, adding more and more “action verbs” to your resume, etc.  You fire off application after application.

Then you wait.  Your prospective employer doesn’t respond.  You send a follow-up email.  Nothing.   Another follow-up after a couple of weeks, still nothing.   Maybe you get an interview.  You send a thank you and a follow-up email.  Nothing…….

Job searchers absolutely hate this resume black hole.  This deficiency impacts the relationship that the company may have with potential employees, who may also be potential customers.  It can damage your company’s reputation.  In a recent study 72% of respondents said they would be less likely to recommend companies’ products or services or write a positive review online if companies don’t respond to their applications.  All people want is a response or an update.  </End Griping>

This is the pain point a startup called StartWire is trying to solve.  Their value proposition lies in being a sort of project management tool for the job search process.   StartWire launched in early 2011 and had attracted 50,000+ registered users by January 1st of this year.

You can use the service without ever actually applying to a job through the site.  StartWire tries to keep you organized and receiving automatic updates on all of your applications.   They provide status updates from over 5,400+ companies, automating the connection between the company’s site and StartWire, so that any change made by the company automatically propagates out to the user.  For companies, the service is free and they don’t have to do anything differently than what they’re doing right now.  For job seekers the service is free too, and they can either automate status updates by tracking the application through StartWire, or they can forward the confirmation email to

This tool works with any company job searchers apply to, even if applied through other websites.  You will have to give permission for the service to track your applications.  StartWire organizes all of your applications in one place, labeling each as “active”, “stalled”, or “no longer in the running”, sending you updates in daily emails or texts.

As it’s operating as a free service, you might be wondering how StartWire is making money.  StartWire is a lead generator for job boards and consumer advertisers.  Based on a user’s profile, resume, and job search activity, StartWire recommends job sites and offers that it deems relevant to its users, taking a cut if visitors turn into paying customers.

It sounds interesting to me.  I have tried to use this free service, but as of today, it doesn’t recognize Canadian locales, and sends the user into an endless death spiral while it tries to sort out the associated field inputs.  Shot an email out to them, hope it gets read and responded to.  Thought I’d share it anyway…


One thought on “Job Search Responses

  1. Hi Mark,

    My name’s Nicole, and I work for StartWire. Thanks for checking out the site and sharing your opinions. We appreciate it whenever user’s take the time to provide us with feedback, and take everything we hear to heart.

    You seem to really understand our mission, which is to improve the job application experience. With the growth of online job aggregation, and the difficulties of the current employment market, job seekers have been applying to more and more positions through multiple different avenues. We hope to help ease the burden of staying on top of those various applications by bringing everything to one place, and providing automatic updates on as many applications as we can (we support 5400 companies at this time).

    Unfortunately, we only support US-based job searches at this time. Our site just passed its 1 year mark on January 10th, and we hope to expand into more countries, including Canada, in the coming year. We have received interest from a number of potential Canadian users like yourself and look forward to making our service available to you as soon as possible.

    Thanks again for your taking the time to check out the site and writing such a thoughtful blog post!


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