Beware The Pink Facebook Scam

Watch out for this scam on Facebook.  You might get invitations from some of your online friends to change your Facebook page from that boring blue color to the more exciting and invigorating pink, black or even red color.  Don’t get sucked in.  Each of the pages linked to in the invitation demands that you share it with others, write a nice comment about it, and complete a survey.  These surveys drive revenue to the scammer, they are paid for each one that someone fills out.

You are very unlikley to get the awesome color change that was advertised, and any friends that follow your recommendations won’t be very impressed when they don’t get it either.  Now, there are number of GreaseMonkey scripts which will work alongside the Firefox web browser to customise the look of Facebook and other sites, according to Graham Cluley.  Look them up if you are so inclined.

People who have fallen for this survey scam should scan their Facebook profiles for “shared” and “liked” content that they don’t want to endorse.