Rumors Abound – Symantec AntiVirus Source Code Leaked?

InfoSec Island is all over a reported breach and leak of Symantec’s flagship Norton Anti Virus product by an Indian hacker group known as “The Lords of Dharmaraja”.

The hackers have apparently posted on Pastebin a list of the files they obtained with the message “Complete listing of NAV source code package which is comming…” [sic], an indication that they intend to post the actual source code for the Symantec product.

If true, this breach could render Norton AV ineffective as a defense tool, and have a very serious impact on Symantec’s bottom line and stock value.

So far, all of the evidence presented appears to be a 12 year old document explaining how NAV works, but new material has been sent to Symantec for analysis and comment.  Let’s hope it is all bogus.  We don’t need the bad guys getting even more intelligence regarding the inner workings of commercial grade defensive tools.