Poor Problem Management


CA’s Rich Graves posts “Problem Management sits alone in the corner and cries and cries. It’s the loneliest ITIL process as it’s always the last one picked to play on the Service Operations team. Poor little Problem Management sits and watches while Incident and Change Management get to play. And Configuration Management gets to play too, even though it is a complete mess and isn’t even wearing shoes.”

So true.  Problem Management is a misunderstood process, even moreso than Configuration Management.  Without it though, so many issues will go unresolved, or be closed with an inconclusive response.  No lessons will be learned, and the problems won’t just go away.

“And let’s be honest: root cause analysis is boring. Who wants to deal with that all the time? I’d rather just restore service and move on. What’s that you say? Eliminating the root cause could prevent further outages and free IT from dealing with critical incidents? OK then. We need to do Problem Management.”

Check it out and make a resolution to improve your IT and business processes in 2012.  Shoot for the moon, that way, even if you just miss, you still stand a chance to fall among the stars.