New Mobile Gear? Careful Now…

Weak LinkGet some new toys for Christmas?  I did.  I scored a brand new iPad2 from my lovely wife for being such a nice fella this year.  I was almost certain that I would end up on that OTHER list this year.  So now I’m outfitted like I was back in the ’80s, only instead of a PalmPilot-1, a cellphone and a pager, I can go to interviews with my notebook, iPad and Blackberry.  Technology is becoming more and more portable, powerful, and disposable.  At least one of these devices is going to go the way of that old PalmPilot (I actually still have it, and about a dozen other gizmos.  Don’t tell the wife.  Our little secret.  She never reads this blog anymore.  Boring…).

Access Data, a digital forensics company, recently performed some “informal research” into those old disposed of smartphones and PDAs that most of us don’t give a second thought to after pulling out the SIM card.  A handful of phones were found in the “secondary” market and were examined to show how easy it is to glean information from old or lost phones, even if a factory reset has been performed.

An expert from Access Data gave Dark Reading the skinny on his findings from this informal research, and explained some of the repercussions for both corporations and consumers who don’t pick, manage, or dispose of their phones wisely.  Well worth the read.