Watch What Your Kids Play With

SoftPedia has translated a Romanian article from Bitdefender, warning users to pay close attention to what their children are accessing on the internet.  Harmless looking games are hiding dangerous malware that could compromise the entire device and all of its information.

According to the head of Online Threat Labs at Bitdefender, “Some of these dangerous games are easily identified by adults – who suspect that something is abnormal about them when they require permission to install various programs in the computer or they redirect to other websites.  A 4-year-old doesn’t understand the concept of online vulnerability.”

Most of the compromised games appear to be Flash based.  The colorful images and playful sounds look innocent enough, but in some cases are hiding applications that could provide a backdoor and surrender control of the device to attackers out to get at your sensitive information.  BetDefender claims that this method of attack is expected to accellerate in the near future, as recent studies show in the USA and UK, more than 40% of children are active in social networking environments.  24% of parents don’t monitor the online activities of their offspring.