Facebook WebSense Partnership

Facebook and WebSense have partnered up to protect users from malicious code.  Now when a user clicks on a URL that has been posted in Facebook, the link will be sent to the Websense ThreatSeeker Cloud.  The ThreatSeeker Cloud  is an advanced malware identification and classification platform that will analyze the links in real time.  It provides Facebook users with Websense Web, and data security intelligence through a cloud-based delivery model.

According to Websense, the ThreatSeeker Cloud is powered by the ThreatSeeker Network and leverages a Web services API to easily integrate with business and consumer technology solutions. Unlike other security services that only check a Web sites reputation, the ThreatSeeker Cloud provides full content analysis and categorization, including Web and content classification, reputation and behavioral analysis, file and data analysis, and security filtering.

If the destination site is questionable, the Facebook user is presented with a warning page offering the choice to continue at their own risk, return to the previous page, or get more information on why the linked site was flagged as suspicious.