Data Gone In Sixty Seconds

Android.Gonesixty –

Your personal data can begone in 60 secondsIt aint Nicholas Cage’s latest movie, and it’s a scary proposition when you really think about it. All of your contacts, messages, recent calls, browser history on the compromised Android device are sent to a remote server ( where an attacker can log in with a 5-digit pin number and retrieve that data. The app, uninstalls itself after doing its job. The entire job is done within 60 seconds, and it takes only five bucks to access the stolen data.

So how does this app work? Put simply, two ways: An unsuspecting user can unwittingly download and install the app themselves, or someone other than the owner can install the app on an unsecured device and the owner would never be the wiser, since as the app deletes itself once its sent the stolen data.

The app description claims that all unpaid data from users are deleted after a 24 hour period, however it’s foolish to believe such a statement. On a positive note, an attacker needs to have physical access to the Android device to install this app. Auto-locking the phone after certain period of non-usage is without a doubt the best practice security-wise, especially for corporate devices, for a whole host of reasons.

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