Been A Breachy Kind Of Summer

CNET has published a “history of hacking 2011” spreadsheet on their website.  It’s been a breach filled summer.  The new and brazen hacking groups have been very busy, and they are hinting (bragging) that it aint quite over yet.  Brace yourselves, and take the precautions that are necessary to protect your systems, networks, workstations and data.

Using Ponemon insitute’s indicators, the average cost of a data breach is around $214 US per compromised record.  The total sum for known attacks is around $7.5  billion.  At least 16 attacks can be directly or indirectly related back to the Antisec or Anonymous hacking groups.  It is my opinion that most of these breaches are attibutable to malicious software, missing patches, and social engineering.  Plenty of companies on that list that should have known better, configured up a hard outer shell, and a soft, gooey center.

If you need a little intestinal fortitude to get over your nerves and present to the C-Level crowd, check out the spreadsheet.  It isn’t short and it isn’t sweet…