Astaro Security 8.2 Gateway Released

Astaro has officially released Astaro Security Gateway Version 8.2 .  It is easily installed via the Up2Date system in the WebAdmin console for existing users, or as a download, below.  The latest version includes more than 60 new features.  The major ones are:

  • A new web reporting engine
  • Support for 3G/UMTS USB modems
  • Web Application Security form hardening
  • Next Generation Firewall/Application control features
  • A technical preview of Astaro Log Management

Application Control
One of the new features: Application control – gain visibility and block unwanted applications

V8.2 also offers up to triple IPS performance and double VPN performance than former releases, depending on the hardware used.  The new Application Control engine is twice as fast as the former IM/P2P engine.

Additionally available via Astaro Up2Date, is V8.201 which solidifies the V8.2 release and should be installed simultaneously. You can find more information regarding the latest releases in their Up2Date Blog:

I like this Astaro product, especially for home users.  It is not difficult to setup, support is good, and the product is fantastic.  did I mention that this powerful, fully functional software is still FREE?