Old News, But Interesting.

So… busy… must… post… on… blog…

Okay, so I’ve been caught up in the new job.  I haven’t had an opportunity to scribble down anything at all lately.  There is plenty going on, as I’m sure everyone is aware.

  • A new class-action lawsuit filed against Sony after the infamous PlayStation Network/Qriocity breach claims the company fired security staff days before the breach occurred.
  • Anonymous Returns After Lulzsec Goes Quiet
  • Targeting the servers of Anguilla, Brazil, Zimbabwe and Australian governments.  Lulzsec and Anonymous launched Operation Anti-Security a week ago, aiming to attack high profile targets. Lulzsec claims to have disbanded over the weekend, ending a 50 day spate of  attacks.  Anonymous is filling that void by releasing a number of payloads to the file host service Mediafire.
  • D3V29, has stolen and posted details of more than 150 MySpace and 50 PayPal accounts, after harvesting data from unsecured, public networks operating in US restaurants and stores.
  • The data includes usernames, passwords and account balances.
  • Microsoft is advising Windows users to reinstall their operating system if they get infected with a new rootkit that hides in a system’s boot sector.
  • The only way to eradicate a new variant of a Trojan Microsoft calls “Popureb” is to return Windows to its out-of-the-box configuration.