FREE Browser Security Tool

This looks interesting.  Qualys has announced a new FREE service, helping organizations identify and fix browser security issues.  The BrowserCheck Business Edition service gives IT admins a clear view of web browser security across their organizations, allowing them to work with users to fix security issues.  Security flaws in web browsers and browser plug-ins are common target of malware attacks.  As people use their browsers more and more for accessing web and cloud applications, conduct business transactions, and use social media, the browser is becoming an even bigger target.

Qualys BrowserCheck scans web browsers and plug-ins, and provides clear remediation guidance, providing visibility into a major corporate blindspot.  The CEO of Qualys contends that “The new BrowserCheck Business Edition is an accurate, easy-to-use free service to help corporations keep their web browsers and plug-ins updated and secure on a global scale.”

Worth a look, and the price is right…