PCI Awareness Training

The PCI Security Standards Council has announced the availability of online official PCI Awareness training.  The cost of the course is currently $495.  This is a four hour introductory level course, designed for anyone interested in PCI, providing an overview of PCI security basics.  The training offers the opportunity for anyone to learn about PCI DSS, its impact and benefits, and the importance of PCI compliance, in a self-paced course

This program is intended to help stakeholders better understand and implement the standards, covering the following topics:

  • What is PCI and what does it mean to meet compliance with the PCI Data Security Standard.
  • Key roles and responsibilities in the compliance process.
  • How credit card brands differ in their requirements for PCI reporting and validation.
  • Overview of the transaction process, including infrastructure used to accept payment cards, and communicate with the verification and payment facilities.
  • Real world examples of PCI challenges and successes.

The new online format allows access to the knowledge base of official PCI trainers from the comfort of your home or office.  Organizations looking to educate their employees across business functions about their roles in maintaining PCI compliance should definitely take advantage of this course.  The course also offers up to 4 continuing professional education credits for security staff development.

The PCI Data Security Standard requires organizations to provide security awareness training annually to staff.  This official PCI Awareness course is an opportunity to begin meeting that commitment.

To register for PCI Awareness online, please click here, or visit the PCI DSS web site.

Personally, I think that this sort of training should be delivered free of charge to encourage adoption and improve compliance, or at least at a significantly lower price point to gain deep organizational penetration, but I don’t run the world…  Maybe its time to start putting out the “UnOfficial PCI Awareness” training.  There is a PCI course offered by IT-Governance for $75, and Clearent claims to offer a free awareness program.