Happy 100th birthday, IBM!

IBM has reached a major milestone.  100 years of service.  Always liked Big Blue.   Innovative, insightful, and intelligent people.  IBM will celebrate this milestone by having up to 400,000 employees worldwide donate time to charitable causes and schools.  This “Celebration of Service” will take place on June 15, one day before the actual anniversary date.  IBM staff are being encouraged to assist with projects that make use of their technical skills.

Don’t worry, the company won’t come to a screeching halt, it is staggering the day-of-service projects throughout the week.  Some projects are large and complex, and are actually expected to run beyond the week.  IBM has had a volunteer program in place since 2003 called On Demand Community that links up employees and retirees based on their skills, surpassing 11.5 million hours of service last year.


They have also introduced 2 new grant programs that support and reward IBMers’ service with grants of cash or equipment to the schools and organizations where IBMers volunteer.

  • Catalyst Grants provide $10,000 to support projects by volunteer teams that apply their professional skills or improve their communities’ sustainability.
  • Centennial Grants are awards of up to $100,000 to fund projects that apply IBM’s smarter planet strategies to community service.

Good on ya, IBM, and congratulations to all participants.  This is what I call service and community.