Security Tools Digest

Some interesting tools from around the Net:

  • Tech Gyan – Pentesting your own Wireless Network Tool
  • Gyan – Wi-Fi tools Mom’s Guide – Wireless Security – Best Practices
  • Gyan – Copyrights and cyber space
  • Matriux Vibhag – Forensics with Matriux Part – 2
  • Poster of the month – Can you cage a Wi-Fi signanl ?
  • Zero wine is an open  source research project to dynamically analyze the behavior of  malware.  Zero wine runs malware samples using WINE in a virtual sandbox, collecting information about the APIs called by the program.  With this information in hand, analyzing malware’s behavior becomes easy.  Zero wine is distributed as one QEMU virtual machine image with a Debian operating system installed. The image contains software to upload and analyze malware, and to generate reports based on the information gathered.  Running the VM using the supplied startup shell script provides a web based python graphical interface to upload malware to be analyzed.  When a new sample is uploaded, it is copied to a safe environment and executed using a shell script.
  • Logicub has announced the Talon Enhanced forensic data capture solution, and the CellXtract data extraction solution for mobile devices.
    • The Talon Enhanced device delivers fast forensic imaging and is ruggedized and field-ready to meet harsh field conditions, including military and combat areas.  Compact and portable, the Talon Enhanced is engineered specifically for digital forensic investigations.
    • The new CellXtract device provides fast and thorough forensic data extraction from mobile devices.  Also designed for tough field environments, the CellXtract is easy to deploy and simple to use for first responders and non-technical personnel.  Compact and lightweight the battery-powered CellXtract allows users to quickly view and triage mobile devices for evidence data on-scene in real time; no computer is required.
  • F-Secure has introduced a FREE reputation service  called Safe Links, offering web site owners a tool in the battle against malicious links that can lead visitors to fraud, scams and malware.  It automatically analyses each link on each page load by accessing F-Secure’s real-time cloud-based reputation service.  The service is constantly collecting information about dangerous sites around the world, and informs site visitors whether the links on the site are safe or not with a simple color coded system.
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