Facebook Facial Recognition

Facebook has quietly enabled facial recognition software on their social networking site, alarming some privacy advocates and users alike.  The site has covertly deployed the feature on millions of user accounts around the world, without giving any notice.  Unless you seek out and disable the feature, each time one of your Facebook friends uploads a photograph, Facebook will try to determine who is in the picture.  If it makes a positive ID, your friends will be urged to tag you, confirming your presence in the photograph.

That’s a nifty tool, and can be a real time saver for those that want to tag folks in all of their pictures for memory sake.  There are considerations though, if someone doesn’t want to be tagged, or have their presence at a function, event, particular venue, or meeting commonly known.  To some of us apparently, what happens in ____, stays in _____.

If you are concerned about your privacy, check your privacy settings to disable the feature.