Scotiabank Lost 3 CD’s

The Star is reporting that some Toronto clients of Scotiabank are concerned about possible exposure of their personal information after three CD-ROMs listing clients’ names, SIN numbers, registered account type and account numbers have gone missing.  The CD-ROMs were mislaid last Wednesday and the bank believes that they have been lost internally.  However, the bank is warning clients just in case, so that they can monitor their accounts and make sure there was no fraudulent activity.

The discs were to be sent to the Canada Revenue Agency as part of the bank’s requirements to provide such information.  The parcel containing the three CDs went missing while in internal mail between two Scotiabank departments.  The number of people affected remains unclear.  Scotiabank would only say a “small percentage” of clients had their confidential information on the CD-ROMs.  In an email to the Star, Scotiabank confirmed the CD-ROMs were missing, calling the incident an “extremely rare occurrence.”  Based on thier investigation, they have no reason to believe that this incident puts customers at risk.

Scotiabank has strict processes and procedures in place to protect customer privacy and confidentiality.  I could find no information regarding whether or not the data was encrypted, so I must assume they were not.  I hope the CDs are found quickly, and there is no data exposure.


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  1. That’s funny, do you have any idea how many clients this could affect ? 3CDs can contain a huge amount of data. I am one of the clients affected, I live in Alberta.

  2. Hi Leslie,

    Uhm, no I don’t have an exact figure, nor do I have complete details. I don’t work for Scotiabank, and although I know and have worked with some of the guys on their incident response team, they don’t share that kind of information. You are correct, 3 CD’s could hold a LOT of information, or a little information on a lot of folks. As I said in the posting, I am hoping that the data 1) turns up shortly without the shipping seals being broken, 2) was encrypted, and/or 3) is not used in a criminal fashion.

    How do you know that you were affected? Were you contacted by Scotiabank? What did they tell you? If you SUSPECT that you were impacted, I would get advice directrly from the bank, they may change your account details, re-issue credit cards, or,do nothing at all, depending on what is on the CD’s and where they end up. So far at least, “Based on thier investigation, they have no reason to believe that this incident puts customers at risk.”


  3. Hi Mark, I am also in Alberta and was contacted by Scotiabank to inform me that I was one of the customers whose information was on the lost CD’s. I asked the young man I was talking to, just exactly how long have these CD’s been missing, and was shocked to find out, over a month ago. Am I wondering why it took over a month to get around to informing their customers.

  4. gentlemen; Please add me to list of clients who had my SIN and finanacial info lost., ottawa ontario region. first they offered 1 year credit monitoring then 3 years. they are refusing to answer simple question about thier covering my costs in the event my IDt is compromised as a result of thier failure to protect my data. The way i look at it, you lose it you are responsible for resulting loss. They said they do not think it is a serious risk, yet i remind them they can’t find cds lost in internal mail after one month! me thinks it is lost, hopefully in a garbadge dump but who knows.

    They also confirmed to me that cd’s were not encrypted!.

    so it is now before ombudsman and that is going slow/ zip in better responce. love to hear any feedback Cheers Jim

  5. Hi Mark, well I am from Quebec and I can also confirm that me and another person have also been informed that our information are on these missing disks.


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