Conservative Party Site Hacked

According to The Star, the Conservative Party’s website was hacked and defaced this morning.  No sensitive data has been reported to be compromised.  Prime Minister Stephen Harper appears to have been the target of a mischievious hoax.  The altered Conservative Party website said that Harper had been rushed to the Toronto General Hospital after choking on a hash brown.

At least one Toronto radio station reported the story as fact.  “I’m currently sitting across from him,” Harper’s director of communications, Dimitri Soudas, told the Toronto Star Tuesday.  Soudas confirmed that there was “unauthorized access” to the party’s website.  The fake bulletin said Harper was rushed to TGH by helicopter after his wife called 911.  The bulletin stated, “He was eating breakfast with his kids when a piece of hash brown lodged in his throat, blocking air reaching his lungs,” which suggested Harper would make a full recovery but miss some important meetings.

The Conservative Party is reported to be investigating how the website was compromised.