FBI – NATO – Affiliates Target of LulzSec

LulzSec has announced a new target for its particular brand of online harassment.  It has published details on users and associates of the non-profit organization known as Infragard.  Infragard is as a non-profit organization providing an interface between the private sector and the FBI.  LulzSec published 180 usernames, hashed passwords, plain text passwords, real names and email addresses.  One interesting point to note is that not all of the users’ passwords were cracked, because some users likely used passwords of reasonable complexity and length, making brute forcing attacks on the passwords far more difficult.  That should tell us all something about the basics of security.

In addition to stealing data from Infragard, LulzSec also defaced their website with a joke YouTube video and the text “LET IT FLOW YOU STUPID FBI BATTLESHIPS” in a window titled “NATO – National Agency of Tiny Origamis LOL”.  Let’s hope that this particular endeavour provides the traces and footprints that allow law enforcement to track and identify these online rascals.  I see no value or return in what they are doing.