HIPAA Breach Notification Framework

3Lions Publishing (3LP), owners of the HIPAA Survival Guide, have announced the release of their HIPAA Breach Notification Framework.  New HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) regulations and the HITECH Act require covered entities and their business associates to provide notification to stakeholders following a breach of health information.

3LP’s Framework provides a methodology for determining when HIPAA breach notification requirements are triggered, and also provides tools for implementing HITECH compliant security incident management.  The Framework comes with a security incident management user’s guide that assists covered entities and business associates to quickly integrate with their breach notification programs, saving a significant amount of time and expense.  The Framework also includes a HIPAA breach notification policy, model notification letters, training materials, and other tools.

The CEO of 3LP says: “Our Framework is ‘swipe and go’ priced to be economically affordable for healthcare stakeholders of all sizes, industry wide.  In addition, our Framework complements The Guard, highly recommended, best of breed HIPAA Compliance Software.”

The HITECH Act embodies a convergence between law, policy, and technology.  3LP expects this trend to continue as enabling technologies mandate a multi-disciplinary approach to complex regulatory issues.  Release 1.0 of the Framework and Release 3.0 of The Guard software address the convergence challenge by providing stakeholders with tools that allow them to more effectively attack Breach Notification as well as the daunting HITECH/HIPAA compliance learning curve.

Even if you are not HIPAA regulated, there may be a fair bit that can be learned from these guides when it comes to trigger development, breach notification, plan integration, and incident management in general.  Get yours, today.