Understanding Crimeware’s Installation Life Cycle

Wow.  A good day to be perusing DarkReading again.  Check out this article and paper from Gunter Ollmann, regarding the evolution of “crimeware” and its installation life cycle.  It is true that those involved with the malware fight day in and day out tend to get caught up in the “hypnotic allure of malware dissections and high-profile breaches” and may miss the subtle nuances that can also provide additional indicators to monitor for.

For a “detailed dissection of the threat (as it stands today), I’ve released a new whitepaper — “Behind Today’s Crimeware Installation Lifecycle” — covering how advanced malware morphs to remain stealthy and persistent. Understanding your opponent remains at the heart of a sound defensive strategy. In this case, though, your “opponent” shouldn’t be thought of in a singular sense, but rather an increasingly well-oiled federated cybercrime ecosystem.”