NASA Server Hacked By “WhiteHat”

I have a problem with self-proclaimed “whitehat hackers” penetrating a security perimeter without permission and bragging about their little adventures.  In my humble opinion, these rodeo clowns are not the white hats as they would have us all believe.  If some ID-10-T picked my front door lock, or even pushed it open because I had left it unlocked by stupidity or oversight, he would be greeted by the largest, heaviest or pointiest object that I had on hand at the time.  I would not thank him for pointing out my mistake, or invite him in to help me find my wallet.  I would not give him an ounce of respect if once he made me aware, he went and posted a picture of my address, entry hall, and the methods he used to gain access as evidence of his prowess for all of his colorful hat wearing friends to see either.

TinKode, a Romanian “white hat” hacker claims to have broken into a NASA FTP server, and published a screenshot of the compromised server on his website.  White hat hackers are “researchers” who break into computer systems.  This pursuit is purportedly for the sake of exposing security flaws, rather than exploiting them for maliscious purposes.

In my books, white hat hackers of this ilk are just cowboys.  They project themselves in a silver light, but if you stand real close, you can see where they peed.  They should get permission first, and if they don’t get permission, they don’t hack!  There is nothing “white hat” or heroic at all about gaining unauthorized access to someone else’s network.  We are now supposed to just take the word of an anonymous dude with questionable ethics and no moral compass, that he did nothing to the server, nothing to the data on the server, and nothing to the systems connected to that server?  Yyyyyyeahhhh…  Now where is that wallet…

“I don’t do bad things.  I only find and make public the infoAfterwards I send an email to them to fix the holes.  It’s like an security audit, but for free,” TinKode said in an interview posted on NetworkWorld.

Breaking into someone else’s property _IS_ a bad thing, mate.  Check your ethics, son.  It is nothing like an audit for free.  It is like a security breach, a black eye, and a shot of reputational damage to wash it all down with.  REAL white hat hacking takes place in a lab, or with permission, by real professionals, with real names.  Results are provided to the owners in these things called reports.  “TinKode” is all hat and no cattle.  I don’t mean that he can’t hack, I mean that he needs to pull his head out of the shady spot, and grow into that hat a little bit.

Just my 2¢, be the first on your block to collect the whole dollar.  Yippee Kiyay, git along little doggie…