FBI Cyber Division Official Suggests New Internet Needed

YAHOO!  I am NOT the only crackpot out there that thinks that you can Trust No One, and that we should chuck that dirty baby out with the filthy bath water like it was on fire.  According to an article on GCN, Steven Chabinsky, Deputy Assistant Director of the FBI’s Cyber Division, thinks so too.  He suggested that what is needed is an alternate network architecture that provides greater visibility and less privacy.  You go Steve!  I will be controversial with ya.

On systems using sensitive information or controlling physical processes in critical infrastructure, it is MOST important to know exactly who is on the network and to be able to see exactly what they are doing, rather than protect the right to privacy.  You want privacy?  Hang out with those other dirty babies on the public Internet tub.

Then they had to go and talk about how the SCADA systems were protected from the Internet by an air gap.  Good concept.  Bad example.  I believe that gap disappeared the moment Homer got a job at the plant.  Still, so nice to have company out on the edge.  Anyone else care to join me?  Would you support an authenticated Internet if it was offered in parallel to the percieved anonymous one?