GEEK.COM Hacked, Serves Malware, one of the Web’s oldest and most popular tech sites, has been hacked and was serving malware to visitors.  According to Zscaler’s blog, many areas on, including articles and the site’s main pages like home, and about us, are infected with malicious iFrames pointing to different malicious sites.  Hackers injected a malicious HTML iFrame into legitimate pages on the site.

One example is the iFrame injected into a May 13th article about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, which redirects visitors to an exploit kit.  Upon visiting the page, heavily obfuscated JavaScript is returned which will try to determine what versions of certain programs users have installed on their computers, and then serve up exploits for vulnerabilities in those products.  As of 6:14am, the malware was still present in some forum postings.

Many legitimate websites are being compromised by taking advantage of poor coding practices in web applications.  Attackers are on the lookout for popular websites or news sites to use as launchpads for their attacks.  Web users need to be aware that no web site is a safe web site.