Game Networks Continue To Be Targets

Hackers may have accessed up to 25,000 e-mail addresses and 350 résumés during an attack on game developer Eidos Interactive’s websites.  The parent company, Square Enix, said that the breach occurred Wednesday, and could have given hackers access to user data for the Deus Ex: Human Revolution website, as well as résumés submitted by job applicants to Eidos.  If you’ve registered on an Eidos site or with the Deus Ex site, now is the time to change your password.

Square Enix confirms a group of hackers gained access to parts of our website as well as two product sites.  The sites were taken offline for analysis and to implement measures to increase the security of all of their websites.  Square Enix will be contacting all parties that might have been affected by the breach, emphasizing that no credit card information was compromised.

This continued targeting of online game sites demonstrates to me that consumers continue to be targets.  It is logical to target consumers, as every single one of us, from the janitor to the CEO, ultimately is a consumer.  We have entertainment needs, we have children, we have social and communication needs, and each activity associated with meeting these needs provides another avenue of attack from our online enemies.  The online gaming companies should note the continued assault on their networks and take action to detect and prevent further attacks, or risk losing their customers’ trust.

The same goes for all companies that maintain an online presence and especially those that gather financial information, as well as intelligence.