Don’t Fall For Facebook Scams

Have you seen these Facebook wall postings?    “WOAH!!…You really have to see this,finally a simple way to see who views your facebook profile.” 

Are you curious?  This is a classic social engineering scam luring users into signing up for premium mobile services and spamming their friends, promising to show a list of profile visitors.  It even instructs users to disable ad-blocking programs.

It all starts with a little spam message or wall posting from one of the victims;  “WOAH!!…You really have to see this,finally a simple way to see who views your facebook profile.” –> [URL]”  Following the URL link takes the new victim to a site on an external domain (like  The site displays fake Facebook-style notifications claiming to be example of alerts users will receive whenever someone views their profile.  The logo for a well-known malicious app called Profile Spy is also present on the page.

Users are also told that in order to sign-up for the Profile Spy application they need to like and share the application.  After the victims have heavily spammed their profile with messages promoting this scam, they are taken to a window claiming that they also need to take a survey.  “Then the ‘verification’ launches you into one of those endless surveys (you get a choice of 6) the point of which is to collect your cell phone number so you can be billed $9.99 per month,” GFI Labs warns.

This scam has been seen on Facebook as far back as mid 2010, and around 29,000 users clicked the “Like” button and 27,000 the “Share” button in its first month.  This scam has spread to other social media outlets and pops up in Twitter fairly often as well.  There is no feature on Facebook which allows viewing profile visitors, and considering the privacy implications, it will probably never be allowed.  Any message or application that claims otherwise is most definitely a scam.