Sony Faces Breach Backlash

According to Information Week, the gamers of the world have begun to speak out and take action, thrusting the pointy end of the stick at Sony.  One person has launched a lawsuit against Sony over the data breach in which the personal details of more than 70 million PlayStation Network and Qriocity users were stolen, and analysts estimate the hammered company could lose billions of dollars from this debacle.

Sony has admitted that extensive amounts of sensitive personal data were compromised, including name, physical address, email address, birth date, PlayStation Network/Qriocity password and login, handle/PSN online ID, and may have also stolen purchase history info, billing addresses, and password security questions.  Sony so far has said that there is no evidence of credit card data theft.  A complaint filed in the Federal Court in San Francisco accuses the company of failing to protect user data, and Sony is also accused of failure to comply with PCI standards.

Alabama resident Kristopher Johns is seeking to represent all affected users.  The lawsuit seeks reimbursement for any losses that may result from the theft of credit card data, refunds for services, and of course, punitive damages.  The lawsuit says that Sony “failed to provide prompt and adequate warnings of security breaches, and unreasonably delayed bringing the PSN service back on line”.

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