Microsoft Previews IE10

Microsoft has shown its commitment to improving the browsing experience, increasing the use of standards, and its commitment to maintaining its leadership in the cloud-space.

Just 4 weeks after releasing IE9, Microsoft has announced the first platform preview of  Internet Explorer 10 today at its MIX 11 Web developer event, going on all week.  Platform previews illustrate technologies that Microsoft  considers viable.  Platform previews for IE 10 will appear every 12 weeks, allowing for continuous developer  feedback, according to Microsoft’s announcement.

The current platform preview contains a demo of  CSS 3 gradient backgrounds, achieved using the HTML 5 spec, and another demo shows CSS3’s multiple columns handling.  Varying-length paragraphs of text  from a Twitter feed are flowed into multiple columns.  Microsoft also continues  to hammer home its point that the browser, operating system, and graphics acceleration hardware all contribute to the user experience by presenting the new IE 10 platform preview in a fish-bowl demo, showing how Google’s Chrome browser is unable to match the animation and rendering speeds of the IE 10 platform preview.

Dean Hachamovitch, Microsoft’s corporate VP for  Internet Explorer discusses these points and more on stage during the MIX keynote address, and in Microsoft’s IE blog.

Microsoft also made a number of other announcements of  interest to developers during the MIX 11 keynote address, focusing on interoperability and standards, which it intends to bring to the cloud through Azure, described here.