Strange Interview Questions

I heard on the radio this morning about some of the crazy questions that are asked at interviews.  Quite funny.  One question that was asked was “If you were shrunken down to the size of a pencil, then put into a blender, how would you get out?”  I wonder what the interviewer expected to learn from the responses.

My response would have been one of the following:

  1. Assuming that the blender was not turned on at the time, I would climb out.
  2. Rather slowly, and in liquid form.

Others that I have heard or been asked:

Question: If you were a tree, what kind of a tree would you be, and why?

My Response: I would be the short, attractive, reasonably confident, balding one.  Because I am genetically predispositioned that way.

Question: If the sport of ping pong became obsolete, how would you market my company’s 10 million ping pong balls?

My Response:

  1. I would paint the likeness of famous, record holding, and now out of work ping pong celebrities on them, and market them as collectors’ items.
  2. I would print random words and phrases on them and sell them as “Idea Bubbles”.
  3. I would paint baseball stitching onto them, print logos and catchy phrases like “Time for another” on them, and sell them to brewery executives as “Beer Bubbles”.
  4. I would turn them into very unique business cards that can be thrown around the office.
  5. I would sell them as the perfect, instantly destructible, indoor golf balls.

Question: If I had a bouquet of flowers, and all but two were roses, all but two were daisies, and all but two were tulips, how many flowers would I have?

My Response: Three.  Think about it.


2 thoughts on “Strange Interview Questions

  1. One of the interview questions I was asked was whether I thought there were aliens in outer space.

    How did you respond, Paula?

    I would have probably responded with “It’s a possibility” while thinking, “Hell no, they’re already HERE! Making up crazy interview questions…”


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