Anticipate April Fools News Items

Don’t panic!  The sky is not about to fall on us, the world has not shifted on its axis, and heavily armed penguins are not laying waste to secret government missile installations.  At least not on my street.

April 1st is known for practical jokes and funny shenanigans, including the report provided a couple of years ago that at precisely 9:47am, Pluto’s orbit would interfere with that of Jupiter, sending it closer to earth, and causing a shift in earth’s magnetic field.  If you timed it just right, you could jump into the air and experience weightlessness for several seconds or minutes.  People were jumping all around the office.  Good times.

Just be careful with what you read and hear this morning, jesters are all around.  Check out what the guys at F-Secure have for us today…

Hacker Group Changes Millions of Passwords to “password”; Only 38% of Users Notice