IT Skills Crunch On Horizon

An old (sorry Ruth!) and good friend of mine recently posted a blog entry indicating that the Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC), in partnership with the Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC), have conducted a recent study and found that Canadian businesses face a looming IT skills shortage in 2011 – 2016.  This is very bad news indeed.  It would appear that the next wave of graduates are losing interest in some of the pivotal technologies that need to be developed to remain competitive in IT and business.

The problem has been examined and broken down to specific skills pertaining to key technology trends within IT that are not generating interest in today’s youth.



Acute and pervasive skills shortages will affect four occupations in particular:

  • Computer and Information Systems Managers,
  • Telecommunications Carriers Managers,
  • Information Systems Analysts and Consultants, and
  • Broadcast Technicians.

These skills include:

  • Virtualization
  • Cloud Computing
  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Some of the recommendations to combat this risk include:

  • Speak at high schools and youth organizations to generate interest in IT careers.
  • Encourage interest in math and sciences.
  • School boards have adopted the “FIT” (Focus on IT) program.
  • Help immigrants to use or develop their IT skills through internships and other venues.
  • Develop new curriculum with internships, work placements, and focus on IT careers.
  • Encourage diversity and inclusion, especially among women.
  • Employers should invest in ‘almost qualified’ candidates and employees.
  • Employers should return to investing in training for staff.
  • Employers should consider mentoring programs.

Read the report and listen to the webcast.


2 thoughts on “IT Skills Crunch On Horizon

  1. Old? Who you callin’ old? 🙂

    There’s such a shift happening and such opportunities for those who seek them out. Unfortunately, we as an industry haven’t done a great job at telling how rewarding an IT career can be.

    Thanks for spreading the word, Mark!

    • 🙂 OMG, I was wondering if I was going to have to pay for that one. Not only spread the word, I’ve registered as a presenter. No call back yet, but I’m on the list. Thanks for making me aware of the opportunity, Ruth, and good to hear from you again. An IT career cetainly can be rewarding, and I agree we don’t do nearly enough to promote the postitives. One of the reasons I pursued IT as a young man was the volume of learning opportunities that IT affords. There is always something new and exciting looming on the horizon. IT also brings one into contact with such a diverse array of business contacts. So many doors open into other areas of the business after a few years in IT.


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