Zeus Trojan Code For Sale

No, I am not selling malware source code.  Someone is though.  An underground forum user named “IOO” is offering what is claimed to be source code for the Zeus toolkit.  Zeus is a customisable online crime toolkit that simplifies the creation and customization of banking Trojans without the annoying need to procure those pesky coding skills.  In his post IOO offers screenshots of portions of the source code.  He will discuss the sale with prospective buyers over Jabber or ICQ, and is prepared to accept payment via any escrow service.

Last October the FBI announced it had broken up a major crime ring that had been using ZeuS to capture banking credentials and draining accounts to the tune of around $70m.  Approximately 50 phishing mules in the US and UK were named as suspects in the operation.  5 Ukrainians suspected of controlling the operation were arrested.  The identity of the actual creator of the Zeus toolkit is still a mystery.

Details are in the Register.