Business Continuity Week – March 21 – 25

It is Business Continuity Week.  Take a stroll on over to the BCAW website for some good old fashioned online discussion, in-person events, webinars and networking.

Business Continuity Awareness Week (BCAW) has been organized internationally since 2005 to raise awareness and enhance the ability of all types of organizations to practice Business Continuity Management (BCM).  This year DRIE, CCEP, BCI Canada, the Canadian Red Cross and DRI Canada are teaming up once more to promote BCAW.

The Theme for 2011 is:   “building RESILIENCE to protect value and reputation.”

“Resilience is not about preventing disruptions.  Business continuity incidents are, by their nature, largely unpredictable.  Resilience is the ability to absorb, respond and recover from disruptions.”

BCAW is an excellent method for educating organizations on the importance of business continuity planning.  The site focuses on sharing experiences, knowledge and best practices, providing a public meeting place that provides BCAW members with a shared calendar , discussion forums , member profiles , photo gallery , file storage and more.  By working together we can all be better prepared to handle adversity when it arises.  Users of the site are encouraged to complete an online profile, upload photos, and participate actively in discussions.

What are you doing for Business Continuity Awareness Week?