Beware Earthquake & Tsunami Scams

First, my heart-felt best wishes go out to those directly affected and those who have families and friends in Japan.  Events there have been devastating to say the least, and I hope that no more people are injured as a result of this catastrophe.

There will undoubtedly be many spam and malicious emails floated about the Internet, posing as relief efforts, charities and even news footage of the events unfolding and aftermath.  These scams will be used to deliver malware to your computer, fleece you of your money, and take advantage of human suffering and good will.  Don’t fall for these malicious campaigns. 

  • Donate only to charities that you known and trust.
  • Go to their known websites on your own, do not follow links in dubious emails.
  • Do not give out your personal or credit card information to inbound phone callers.
  • Use the Charities Listings provided by Canada Revenue Agency or the US IRS.