EU: Cyber Attacks “Acts Of War”

The BBC is reporting that Tony Blair’s former top national security adviser states an online attack by one state on another could be considered an “act of war”.  I couldn’t agree more, and in light of recent events that the CBC has reported, China has some explaining to do…

Sir Richard Mottram told a House of Lords inquiry new “laws of war” were needed to cope with this threat.  He also criticised the EU for the multi-million pound theft of carbon credits, saying its apparent lack of cyber security “took my breath away”.  Earlier this month, Foreign Secretary William Hague called for countries to come together to agree a set of rules to prevent “cyber war”.  He revealed that the Foreign Office IT system had come under attack from a ”hostile state intelligence agency” as recently as January.

All of these events come amid claims from Bruce Schneier that the threat of online war is being exaggerated.  I tend to collect the evidence, and look for patterns.  I don’t know what Bruce is seeing, but I sure don’t like what I am seeing, and someone either needs to patch the great wall, or answer for their actions.

BBC Report